As you probably heard, SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa) won the 2010  Pritzker Architecture Prize. For more on this, NPR and  the NYT have your back.

This gives Japan a total of 4 award winners, putting them in-line with the UK and bringing them one step closer, but still several steps behind, the pack leader – the US, which has a total of 8 recipients.

SANAA’s rate probably just jumped 2-fold, which means anyone who has already commissioned them for work is patting each other on the back. This includes the watchmaker SEIKO, who, in a press release last week, announced that they had enlisted the pair to design a wristwatch as part of their Alessi Collection. “The concept,” writes the designer, “is a cat that hugs your wrist.”

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Think this is an odd collaboration? Not at all. The duo have already designed eye-wear. This was only the next logical step.