Kumiko Kijima

hanger created by Kumiko Kijima

When department stores and upscale boutiques order high quality wooden hangers to display their clothes, there are inevitably some that don’t make the cut. A careful inspection process removes hangars with imperfections and are rerouted to rubbish, or to be recycled into something else. But a new initiative wants to save those hangars and, be collaborating with Japanese artists, turn them into works of art.

Ken Shiozaki-2

hangers created by Ken Shiozaki

Ken Shiozaki

hanger created by Ken Shiozaki

From May 13 to May 19, 2015, the artful hangars will be on display at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi. Nihonga and Oil/Acrylic painters and wood sculptors from Gallery Seizan created one-of-a-kind hangars for the event. Hangars will be on sale as way to merge functional and decorative art and to encourage people to bring more art into their homes, even if into the closet.

Kenji Shimizu hanger

hanger by Kenji Shimizu

Ayako Nakamura

hanger by Ayako Nakamura

Haruomi Izumi

a seasonally appropriate hanger by Haruomi Izumi

Kouki Tsujimoto

Kouki Tsujimoto

Yasushi Ikejiri

Yasushi Ikejiri