For those of you joining me mid-week, I’m in the process of examining a recent phenomenon in which the boundaries between fine art, architecture, and interior design have begun to blur. We looked at work by Sarah Sze and Olafur Eliasson and today is the 3rd installment! Woo-hoo!!

Jim Lambie

Jim Lambie has recently returned to MoMa for the exhibition, “Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today” (going on through May 12, 2008). The images, however, are from previous installations. As you can see, interiors are an actual media that the artist works with, covering their floors with colorful vinyl tape and, in the process, revitalizing the space with color and energy. There is an ornamenting aspect to his work, which is probably why it equates so well to interior design.

jim-lambie_moma1.JPG jim-lambie_national-gallery.JPG
Images courtesy of Moma and the National Gallery

This is the perfect example of a crossover between fine art and interior design. Because it was actually implemented in the interior of an apartment. Below is an image of a Gramercy apartment that belongs to Tim Nye of the Nyehaus Gallery. Looking to purchase a piece of art by Jim Lambie, and at the same time attempting to gut-renovate his apartment, Nye came up with the perfect solution that achieved both goals!
Image courtesy of floto+warner