Tadashi Kawamata
Walkway” (February 9 – April 14, 2008)

Tadashi Kawamata’s most recent show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo was groundbreaking…at least I thought so. His work is the perfect example of what I have been talking about all week long!
Kawamata’s work has always been derived from architectural concepts, such as the flow of people within a space. In previous works he has often created additions to already existing structures. However, there is a deconstructive aspect about this work, including his most recent piece, “Walkway.” The crudely constructed walls and paths reminds one of a hastily built evacuation area; a space that one might find in a site of a natural disaster.

“Walkway” – 2007 (image courtesy of on the table)

I guess what’s so cool about this piece is that architecture is reduced to it’s most simplest form, yet performing it’s most essential task; creating direction and compartments for people to come and go.

(images courtesy of The Centre for Contemporary Art)