kaleidoscope of flower petals | A-Art House by Kazuyo Sejima

08Inujima-Sejima-13-05-4575all photos by Iwan Baan


In 2008 Kazuyo Sejima – the chain-smoking partner of one of Japan’s most luminous architecture studios SANAA – was brought on to the Inujima Art House Project, part of an initiative aimed at revitalizing the islands of the Inland Sea through art, architecture and design. To date, Sejima’s contributions have been, amongst others, the S-Art House, I-Art, Nakanotani Gazebo and the unfortunately titled F-Art House.

But her latest creation is A-Art House, a stunning gallery space that was completed over the summer. Collaborating with the artist Haruka Kojin (previously) and art director Yuko Hasegawa, Sejima has erected a clear acrylic circle with a kaleidoscope of brightly colored shapes made from clusters of manmade petals. The project “explores the theme of an ‘earthly paradise’ of Arcadian ideals that fuses art and architecture with the landscapes and people of the island.”

See more photos on photographer Iwan Baan’s website.





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  1. It’s like a dreamworld! I’d love to see this
    piece of artwork in real c: Xx

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