Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto Elevates Balloon Art to New Heights

Masayoshi Matsumo Balloon Art

a sea horse (left) and mandrill (right) created from balloons

We want Masayoshi Matsumoto at our next birthday party! Although, admittedly, it may be difficult to get the kids to request things other than swords, shields and helmets. Elevating the realm of balloon art and taking it to new heights, Matsumoto uses balloons of all sizes to create intricate, detailed animals and plants that appear to be made from something – anything – other than inflatable rubber. But Matsumoto assures us the he never uses adhesive, markers or stickers to augment or enhance his creations.

Masayoshi Matsumo Balloon Art


He posts his creations to tumblr. He even has a dedicated site for characters where he openly states that he does use paint or markers to create certain parts (usually the eyes) of his characters. You can also follow him on twitter.


Masayoshi Matsumo Balloon Art


Masayoshi Matsumo Balloon Art

jellyfish (with neon balloons)

Masayoshi Matsumo Balloon Art

hermit crab

Masayoshi Matsumo Balloon Art



  1. whoa, there are much better balloon artists than we are.

    sweet stuff

  2. sorry, this does not even impress me in the least. My uncle makes life sized balloon art of hulk, cars you can sit in, optimus prime, etc. And broke the world record for most balloons blown up in a day. This is nothing. http://www.theballoonsculptor.com

  3. They may be big, but they’re nowhere near as detailed. In fact, I might go so far as to say that some of them are quite ugly. So please, before you state things that are insulting to other artists who are, I feel the need to remind you, human beings, make sure that the artist you flaunt to put someone else down is first, yourself and second actually better.
    My deepest apologies if the words I used are too long for your understanding.

  4. I regret to tell you, Alice White, that you write very badly yourself.

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