Two Traditional Japanese Crafts Come Together to Create the Beautiful Haori Cup

haori cup

Japan is home to some of the most historic and visually stunning craft work, with different parts of the country boasting their own local, home-grown design. But when two of these traditions come together in a marriage of 18th century craftsmanship and technology they give birth to some beautiful children.

haori cup (1)

Both hailing from the Kyushu region of Japan, Hasami Yaki is a type of porcelain known for its pure whiteness while Hakata Magemono is the wooden craft work of bending single wooden plates by hand and fashioning them into shapes. Uniting these crafts into a beautiful cup and holder is designer Tomoya Nasuda. Taking its name from the Haori, a type of traditional garment that is wrapped around the body, the Haori Cup employs a similar type of style.

Over the weekend Nasuda launched a kickstarter campaign to help fund his new design. You can read more about the project on their page, where they’ve already met their goal!

haori cup (2)

haori cup (3)

haori cup (4)

haori cup (5)


  1. vincent van den berk

    June 3, 2015 at 2:57 am

    I’ll be in Tokyo on Thursday & Friday 11 and 12 June and wondering where I can find and buy these haori cups described above?

  2. thanks for sharing this! I just backed them and cant wait to collect my cups 😀

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