Kyoto Seika University Graduation Show 2012

Next up on our survey of this year’s senior thesis exhibitions is Kyoto Seika University. I was quite amused by the show put on by students of Seika. It was full of imagination and creativity – the way student work should be – and I found myself getting lost in some of the more playful pieces.

Many thanks to Yuki Kajioka who, unless otherwise noted, provided the photos for this show.

Kyoto Seika University Graduation Show 2012

Japan’s iconic tetrapod, made from piled up newspaper.

I love this. A miniature town that has been carved into a log (it wraps around 360 degrees).

A gigantic whale made from various textiles.

Interesting lighting solution. I like the minimalist form.

Adorable renkon (lotus roots) chopstick holder. I’m convinced that anything in a renkon motif is cute. (image courtesy Seika University)

Lovely knitted yarn planters (image courtesy Seika University)

A modular seating system. I’m digging that arc-shaped coffee table that doubles as a rocker.

A rad proposal from the architecture department (image courtesy Seika University)

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