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Late last year – actually it was December – Elle Deco magazine published a great issue on kids room designs. They covered a vast array of styles and themes (color, texture, vintage) and also showcased some great homes of designers including Richard Hutten, Gwenael Nicolas and Araki Midori. I picked up a copy and I was so delighted with the images that I scanned them in for easy access to inspiration.

So, now that the publication is no longer available on I want to offer the images my readers. If you are interested in receiving a zip file with tons of inspiration for kids rooms, leave a comment below (and an email address) and I will blast everything out  maybe over the weekend.



  1. sign me up please!

  2. Sounds pretty cool. Thanks.

  3. please send!

  4. please ! 🙂

  5. I'd be delighted to get one 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes please ^^

  7. I'd love some inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'd love to see them.

  9. Joanna Poncin

    May 25, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    hello, i'd love to have a look at this as well. thanks!

  10. i would love to see this. Thanks!!
    P.S. – Love your blog.

  11. thanks for sharing, would love to see them as well

  12. I would love to take a look at this! Thank you for sharing!

  13. I'd like to receive copy please, Thanks very much!

    nice blog : )

  14. love to have a look.
    love your blog.

  15. I'd like a copy please 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. with a new born in my arms and a love for interior design i would be thrilled to get the zip file!
    and it's in japanese too, all the better.

  17. would love, love one.
    thanks so much!

  18. Yes please!

  19. Onegai shimasu!

    Big fan of the blog too!

  20. Yes! I would love to see these images. Thanks!

  21. i would love to see some images. thanks!

  22. Yes, please send me the images. Great Blog

  23. I'd love to receive the images, thank you so much for taking the time to send them. Your blog is always full of great inspiration!

  24. I'd love to receive the images, thank you so much for taking the time to send them. Your blog is always full of great inspiration!

  25. I'm sorry, I was told there was an error, and ended up posting multiple times. Feel free to delete the excess.

  26. wow, there is more interest than I expected. And thanks for all your kind words! You guys are awesome.

  27. would looove to receive it
    very very kind of you

    thanks in advance

  28. Eric Taillefer

    May 27, 2010 at 9:17 am

    Always fantastic to read your post. Please send me the kit.

  29. I'd love to receive the zip file! Thank you so much for scanning it in for your readers!

  30. I would love a copy please, would be a major inspiration for my nephew's room! Thank you!!!

  31. Looking for inspiration for my 7 year old's room which is “just gross, Mommy!” Glad I stumbled upon your inspiring blog!

  32. I would love to receive the files–thanks so much!

  33. Designing a new room for my 10 month old. I would be greatful if you would send me the zip file of the images.

  34. I just sent the files. Please let me know if you did not receive an email!

  35. I would love to receive the files too. Sorry for being late, thanks so much!!!
    Ps. Your blog is great!

  36. Wow, that is incredibly kind of you. I have three kiddos and am always looking for inspiration to make their spaces special. If the offer still stands, I would greatly appreciate a copy.

    I only just came across your blog and I look forward to exploring!


  37. hello,

    I would like to receive the files too.

    thank you

  38. Wow that's extremely generous of you. If it's not too late to do so I'd like to ask for the files as well.

    Thank You.

  39. i would really appreciate the zip file for this.


  40. Pls. blast to!
    Thank you!


  41. will i make it#? yes please

  42. Could you please send me the zip file on inspiration for kids rooms. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Barb Tamae B.

  43. yes, please – would love to see images/inspiration for kids rooms! thanks.

  44. oooh, if I am not too late, I would love them too!

  45. If the offer still stands, our family would be grateful for some inspiration!

    minhmail at gmail

  46. If this is still available… I'd love for some kids inspiration
    jeevies [at] gmail

  47. If this offer is still available, I'd really appreciate the zip file. Sounds inspiring!

  48. I'd love to get a copy, if it's still available. thanks! foredina(at)

  49. If I could still get a blast sent over …it would be amazing!

  50. please send me the zip file for my mac
    thank you

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