Kitamura Camera, a Japanese photography specialty shop with roots dating back to 1934, has opened a new flagship location in Shinjuku. With 6 floors of new & used cameras, along with a cafe & photography book lounge, the new location, which just opened in early July 2020, hopes to become a one-stop shop for amateur and professional photographers alike.

The 1st floor floor has a miniature display of Shinjuku, as well as original merchandise

There’s a lot to be excited about in what is basically a theme park for camera enthusiasts. The interiors were created by design trio Tonerico while the gorgeous signage, logo and branding was designed by Kishino Shogo. The logo and design concept was derived from camera obscura, the darkened box with a convex lens that gave birth to the camera. It’s also meant to look like the letter K, taken from the name of the company.

the store’s branding was created by Shogo Kishino

The ground level, which consists of a miniature model of Shinjuku, as well as original merchandise, is only the welcoming. The 2nd floor is dedicated to new camera models. Move up to the 3rd floor and you’ll find the Book Lounge where you can peruse through prints and periodicals while sipping a cup of coffee. The 4th floor is the vintage section where you’ll find a collection of used and second-hand cameras and lenses for sale.

Moving on up, the 5th floor is the Re-Pro Center, a floor dedicated to repairs. The 6th floor is an area dedicated to Leica cameras and other rarities, as well as an event space.

If you would like to visit, here is the exact location. And here it is on Gmaps.

the 2nd floor is dedicated to new camera models

the 3rd floor book lounge

the 4th floor is dedicated to vintage cameras and lenses

the 6th floor is dedicated to Leica camera. there is also an event space