all photos by Nobutada Omote, courtesy the artist | click to enlarge

Looks like computer graphic-generated renderings, right? Wrong. These are very real sculptures.

Perennial Sculptor Kohei Nawa will show an entirely new body of work next week. After obsessing over the manipulation of form through his series of bead-covered animals, Nawa shifts his attention to the human body. “Trans” is a series of human silhouettes produced from 3D scanning, which seems to be all the rage now, combined with texture mapping to create abstract, organism-like forms.

After debuting the work in Korea, Nawa will head to his homeland of Osaka where he will put on a large-scale experimental exhibition of new work, mixed with some old pieces. It will be on display at the Umeda Gallery (general admission 1,000 yen) within Hankyu Department Store from November 21 – December 9, 2012.

source: @kohei_nawa