this new Kyoto Starbucks is dedicated to showcasing contemporary Japanese art | all photos courtesy fashionsnap

Up until now, Starbucks’ strategy in Kyoto has been to focus on the history and culture of the region, which has resulted in coffee shops are aesthetically true to the local tradition. But with this latest shop, which opens today, the company is highlighting and supporting another side of Kyoto: one that is just as energetic and true.  

Thanks, in part, to numerous art schools in the area, Kyoto has always been a burgeoning hub of contemporary art. And with their latest Starbucks branch, located in the Kyoto BAL department store, the company has committed to showcasing contemporary art by emerging Japanese artists and students.

The artwork is being curated by local established artist Kohei Nawa and his creative platform SANDWICH. Roughly 80 pieces of art from sculptures and paintings to installations, all created by local artists and art students, will be on display and available for purchase. Is it a coffee shop? Yes – but it’s also an art gallery that seeks to break with Kyoto’s old and traditional stereotype.  

The new Starbucks is located in the 3rd floor of BAL and is open from 11:00am – 8:00pm. You can see more pictures on Fashionsnap.