Macro Photographs of Soy Sauce by Taisuke Koyama






Photographer Taisuke Koyama is fascinated with the miniature world. And I’m not talking about figurines. I mean the world at a microscopic level. Armed with a macro lens and an eye for design, Koyama photographs the smaller things in life and then focuses even closer, creating abstract, organic photographs. He’s most well-known for his “Rainbow Form” series in which he captured outdoor advertisements that contained rainbow colors.

One of his latest series is “Circulation (Crystallized – Melted).” Based on the photographs alone they look like close-ups of the burning surface of the sun. The title doesn’t help much either but these are actually photographs of crystallized and melted soy sauce, Japan’s favorite condiment. Koyama will be showing his photographs on March 20 at Solae Art Gallery Project.

Source: hitspaper


  1. Johnny “Jojo” san your articles are always so awesomely interesting! WONDERFUL Volcano shoyu, okawari!!!

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