MimeticMaps that make meat mimic maps. It’s not just a tongue-twister. It’s an art-book created by Tomoyuki Koseko that visualizes the unexpected similarities between meats and maps. Finland becomes a sirloin steak, Taiwan becomes a fillet and Cuba becomes sliced pork chops.


For Finland, lakes and rivers become lines of fat or heavily salted areas

At its essence, MimeticMaps is about seeing the world differently, which is exactly what Tokyo-based designer Tomoyuki Koseko is interested in. He’ll be the first to admit that his works aren’t rich or colorful. Instead, Koseko’s projects involve a humorous approach to understanding perception, and how it relates to shapes and colors.


when repeated, a map of Finland becomes a circular dish of shabu shabu meat


Cuba becomes sliced pork chops


a fillet of Taiwan, anyone?


If you’re interested in purchasing a copy you the artist has an online shop where he sells books and prints.