Textile Design Inspired by Slices of Beef

cuts of beef by tomomi tokuyasu

Photos courtesy JDN network and Musashino Art University

Art Student Tomomi Tokuyasu approaches beef the same way she approaches her art material – with a keen eye for patterns and design. “The red meat and fat are spread out differently, depending on where you cut,” says* Tokuyasu, referring to regular slices of beef she encounters at the supermarket. “If the complex expressions that reveal themselves can be perceived as shapes, rather than meat, we can begin to recognize them as prints and patterns.”

Selecting 5 different cuts of beef, Tokuyasu has transformed the resulting pattern into original textile designs. She presented her project “Cuts of Beef” last month as her graduating senior thesis project from Musashino Art University.

*All quotes translated from Japanese to English by the author

cuts of beef by tomomi tokuyasu 2

cuts of beef by tomomi tokuyasu 3

cuts of beef by tomomi tokuyasu 4

(this post is part of our review of student artwork from 2014 senior thesis exhibitions. You can see all our coverage of student artwork here)


  1. Love “Cuts of Beef.” What a great project!!!

  2. Frankly, I find her work a little hard to swallow.

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