Misojyu: A New Eatery in Tokyo Serves Just Miso Soup and Onigiri

photos courtesy Kouki Komatsuzawa/Splendor

Miso soup and onigiri (rice balls) are my ultimate comfort food. I take them with me when I travel, especially on long flights because nothing puts me at ease quite like sipping warm miso soup. It’s a simple pleasure but one that Misojyu, a new eatery in Tokyo, wants to share with locals and visitors alike.

Misojyu opened last week along a quiet backstreet in Asakusa. It’s an old area that has remained relatively constant over the years, which makes it an appropriate destination for miso soup. Misojyu opens at 8:30 AM, and serves a healthy breakfast of miso soup and rice balls with an emphasis on organic ingredients and the highest quality broths.

On the menu you’ll find traditional miso soup but also some unconventional flavors like soy milk miso soup and tomato miso soup.

Misojyu is the brainchild of Edward Hames, a native to Japan who grew up there but spent time overseas as an adult before returning. As a photographer and journalist, Hames derives inspiration from his years of reporting on French restaurants and the global culinary scene before taking the plunge into the actual food industry.

Misojyu is open daily from 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM except for Mondays, when they’re closed. It’s a lovely little shop that’s complemented by some great branding and visual identity by Tokyo-based designer Kouki Komatsuzawa.

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