historical art and photographs that informed the mobility products

During Edo period Japan, fires frequently broke out, forcing citizens to quickly relocate their entire lives. But it wasn’t just fires. Situated on an active fault line and surrounded by sea, citizens of Japan were always aware of the imminent dangers posed by earthquakes and tsunamis, a mindset that led to the development of mobility culture.

People shunned the idea of owning heavy furniture and, instead, opted for a more minimal lifestyle by sleeping on futons and wrapping and carrying their belongings in furoshiki. A new brand of products is proposing a return to such a culture, and has launched a suite of products inspired by their ancestors.

the Futon portable sleeping pack and optional solar panel.

“We have reinvented how to store and carry your futon to adapt to the modern world, in which the boundaries between work and home have become blurred.”

ONFAdd stands for “Of No Fixed Address” and is a new design label launched by a group of Japanese artists, product designers, architects, fashion designers and other creatives. Together, they’re proposing a reversion to more post-apocalyptic ways. Stability, in other words, is not only overrated but, in this day and age, it’s not a given.

Taking cues from ancient Japanese artwork and historical photographs, the team has developed a suite of products that reconstruct mobility culture. They include the Futokoro minimal wallet and laptop backpack, the Futon portable sleeping pack (with optional solar panel), the Furoshiki backpack and the Samue maintenance-free suit.

In a credit to their creative marketing, they even reverse-engineered their products back into historical Japanese Ukiyo-e. For those looking to adopt this new lifestyle, the entire suite of products will cost you $3260, which seems high until you realize you’re not going to be making those monthly payments on your apartment any more.

the Furoshiki wrapping backpack can be wrapped around any luggage to neatly fit its size

The Futokoro inner jacket laptop carrier let’s you discreetly carry only what you need and keeps your hands free

The Futokoro minimal wallet has been stripped to its bare essentials and will stash your cards and money without ever becoming bulky