Sato Nezi Park Pens (1)

The ground was the canvas and twigs were our paint brushes. We would search for the perfect fallen branch – not too thin that it would snap, but not too thick that it was uncomfortable – to create wonderful compositions in the dirt. Just thinking about it makes me want to be a kid again. Which is what Japanese art director Nezi Sato was surely thinking when he came up with his playful and hopelessly charming project, Park Pens.

Sato Nezi Park Pens (2)

Sato collected twigs of different sizes to create a collection of 2 to 15 mm point “park pens.” He then came up with an adorable logo and packaging, and lined them up to make them look like a selection in a stationery shop. Watch the adorable video as a little boy picks out his favorite pen!

Perhaps part of the charm of this project comes from its innocence: it’s not trying to sell us anything. Instead, it’s a nostalgic reminder of how simple life can be.

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