A Home in Tokyo Inspired by a Mountainous Hiking Path

Aptly titled Path, a mountainous home rises up in a central Tokyo neighborhood. Designed by ARTechnic Architects and created for a couple and their 3 kids, the U-shaped structure consists of multi-levels that are connected by stairs that wind through the space like a mountain trail.

From the foyer, stairs ascend to the kitchen/dining and living areas on the second floor

With minimal partitions, the interior space is essentially a single, continuous space that wraps around, eventually ascending to the summit, or roof terrace. Planters strategically placed throughout the exterior add to the mountainous feel while also adding some privacy. You can read more about the home on Architectural Record.

The third floor contains individual bedrooms for the children plus a communal study space
a trio of discrete spaces for a sink, water closet, shower, and bathtub


  1. Wheelchair-bound relatives will not be visiting, then.

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