‘Puddle’ Are a Series of Flower Vessels Inspired by Puddles of Water

Simple and common acts of nature often inspire brilliant design. Such is the case with “Puddle,” a series of flower vessels that mimic a puddle of water. Using properties of transparency and surface tension, these whimsical vessels create the illusion of a single plant growing from a puddle.

Created by Japanese design duo YOY (Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto), Puddle was created as a prototype in 2022. The flat, translucent vessels are each organically shaped the way a puddle of water might spread out over a surface. The water is contained within a ledge just 1.5 mm high. The design is completed by a single plant stem being inserted over the tiny needle in the middle.

Unfortunately, Puddle was never commercialized into a buyable product. But You can explore more of YOY’s whimsical works right here.


  1. I think my cat would use it as a water dish and the flower would wilt.

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