Stop. Before you read any further, are you reading this on your smartphone? If not, it’s highly recommended that you do. Trust us – it’s worth it. Lyrical School is a Japanese girl group composed of 6 members. Although they’ve been around for a few years, they’ve never really made it big. But that could all change with their latest music video RUN and RUN, which definitely goes down as one of the most creative we’ve seen.

Shot as a vertical movie, it was designed specifically to be viewed on your smartphone. The video starts off rather plainly, with a shot of the girls and then a slow zoom into a smartphone. But before you know it you’re taken on a disorienting ride as the girls jump in and out of familiar shots of the smartphone homescreen and camera, and apps like Messenger, Facetime and Twitter. Watching the video, you find yourself questioning, over and over, whether or not your phone’s been hijacked and taken over by some hacker.

We’ll refrain on commenting on the music, but it’s definitely a brilliant concept and we wouldn’t be surprised is this evolved into a new form of music videos.