This Minimal Tube Has Everything You Need to Survive a Natural Disaster

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If there’s any country that knows a thing or two about surviving natural disasters, it’s Japan. The country has recovered from numerous earthquakes and tsunamis and the recent series of earthquakes in Kyushu have once again highlighted the importance of emergency preparedness. Late last year design firm Nendo partnered with hardware manufacturer Sugita Ace to create this versatile emergency preparedness kit that’s smaller than a standard umbrella.

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The team set out to redesign the conventional emergency preparedness kit to create something “that includes the bare minimum necessary for a city-dweller to make it to a place of refuge during an earthquake or other disaster,” explains Oki Sato, the head of Nendo. The result is Minim+Aid, a minimal, 5cm wide tube that is waterproof and acts as a floatation device. But don’t let its size fool you. Inside is a whistle (to alert others of your presence), a radio, raincoat, lantern, drinking water and a first-aid kit.

It’s slim design can be worn over the shoulder, freeing your hands. And it’s also easy to store – “ just leave it in the umbrella stand or hang it from a coat hanger.”

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The radio is equipped with manual charging functionality

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it can also be used to charge your smartphone via USB

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the poncho will keep you warm and dry if inclement weather were to strike


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the radio can also charge the lantern


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the tube in which the drinking water foil pouch is stored can also be used as a cup


nendo-minimaid-disaster-kit (4)

a whistle to alert others of one’s presence


nendo-minimaid-disaster-kit (6)

a plastic case that can be used to store medicine or anything else the user might deem necessary



  1. Price? How can I order one? The website only seems to display the product.

    • Robert – it looks like it’s not on sale yet. I’ve combed through the manufacturer’s website but no indication of price, or when it will be available.

  2. Maybe make one yourselves using the sling tube cases you can get at office supply stores. The ones for posters/schematics/blue prints.

  3. Curious, one would have thought a backpack is easier to carry, much less cumbersome, and would accept adding extra stuff. Maybe it is its use as a flotation device that justifies not using that format?

    • Miguel – I think in theory a backpack certainly makes more sense. But in practice, most people just don’t keep backpacks sitting around, filled with emergency supplies.

  4. I have doubts about the flotation aspect just by diameter and length…

  5. Silly.
    Every single item in this tube is infinitely outdone by even average versions of chargers, lights, water bottles and other small items thrown into even the tiniest of backpacks. One survival element utterly ignored here is the need to ADD provisions as you find them. Example: Someone hands you two 1-liter bottles of water anyone else could easily cram into a backpack. But you…with your itty bitty tube? Sorry. You can only add the tiniest plastic bag of water that you can jam into your TUBE. Lol!

    Silly stuff…

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