Setouchi Jozojo’s New Brewery and Retail Shop

all photos by Tomoyuki Kusunose + Daici Ano | courtesy Sugawara Daisuke Architects

Earlier this year we gave you a glimpse of the branding from Setouchi Jozojo, a new wine and cider maker that has laid down roots in the Setouchi region of Japan. Now the brewery, which exclusively uses local ingredients to create beverages that are inspired by the region’s unique climate and history, has unveiled their brewery and restaurant, as well as their retail shop: two distinct locations that create a “micro public network.”

Setouchi Jozojo Brewery

Setouchi Jozojo is a winery and public restaurant whose objective is to activate local industries and culture through food and landscape. The site is located on the grounds of an old shipyard facing the Inland Sea. “The architecture and landscape design connects landscape of mountains and sea with the entrance axis, Gate framing and long roof,” explains Sugawara Daisuke Architects, who were responsible for the architecture but also the creative direction. “In addition, the architectural landscape creates different openness, density and scale with composition of buildings layout, decks, green and shipyard relics underneath the long roof.”

At Mio, the name of the restaurant which means wake (of a ship), visitors will be treated to a menu of fresh, local delicacies created by the owner-chef of Atelire Fujita in Tokyo and prepared by head chef Kazumi Toyama. Patrons will also be allowed to tour the brewery while taking in the magnificent landscape that the historic site has to offer.

Setouchi Jozojo Brewery
1-5-26 Sunaminishi Mihara, Hiroshima (google map)
Reservation site

Takehara Shop

A 30-minute drive from the winery (public transportation is also available) will bring you to Takehara city, which became renowned as a port city in the 1300-1500s and later flourished as salt industry hub. It’s in the city’s picturesque district of historic warehouses where Setouchi Brewery has opened its 2nd public spot: a retail shop and event space which completes the “micro public network” loop.

The same architects not only renovated the old space but they also constructed a spiraling brick structure within the shop, which can serve as a display shelf, exhibition stand, reception counter, desk and bench. You can sample their beverages and pick up a souvenir before you continue on your way.

Takehara Shop
3-10-37 Honmachi, Takehara City, Hiroshima (google map)
Hours: opened weekend and holidays 10:00 ~ 14:00

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