For the past 2 years Shiseido has hosted Shiseido Art Egg, a project to support young up-and-coming artists. From hundreds of proposals 3 winners were selected and recently announced. The winners work will be on display at the Shiseido Gallery, luxuriously located in the Shiseido headquarters in Ginza.

1)    Aiko Miyanaga. Jan 9th – Feb 1st
Aiko receved her MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts last year. A majority of her work deals with the chemical compound Naphthalene, which she uses to model everyday objects. The properties of the chemical then cause the objects to gradually transition form a solid to a gas, illustrating a fleeting and almost destructive sense of time.

Images from the installation, “As Slumber Arrives.” (2003)
Courtesy of Aiko Miyanaga

2)    Kanako Sasaki. Feb 6th – Mar 1st
Kanako received her MFA in photography from our very own SVA in 2004. Kanako is a storyteller. She photographs herself in sites of historical significance, using history as an alternate landscape.

From the series, “Walking in the Jungle.”
Courtesy of Kanako Sasaki

3)    Kouseki Ono. Mar 6th – Mar 29th
Kouseki received his MFA in printmaking from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2006. He uses an intricate and tedious process that I don’t really understand, but it involves tiny dots layered over 100 times. Perhaps it’s akin to pointillism.

“Long time ago the moon changed the color of the water surface” (2008)
Courtesy of Shiseido Gallery