I’m loving this new music video “Lahaha” from Shugo Tokumaru‘s latest album Port Entropy. It was directed by Chris Magnusson & Marcus Jonsson.

Here is what pitchfork had to say about the album:

Shugo Tokumaru is a freakishly gifted Japanese bedroom-pop artist with an effortless command of hundreds of instruments. Judging from the gentle, whimsical tone of his music, he is also probably one of the sweetest people in the world. The joyful music he creates, however, has extremely limited use– 15 minutes of his manically giddy pop should be enough for anybody. His fifth full-length album, Port Entropy, grows wearying at less than 40. Whether they are employing flutes, woodblocks, chimes, xylophones, accordion, upright piano, or, more likely, all of them at once, every Tokumaru song expresses the same basic sentiment: in a word, “YAY!!”