this post is sponsored by Akané Ogura

Come celebrate the new year and the arrival of spring through food and art. “Spring Intimation ~ 春のほのめき~ Haru no Honomeki” is an exhibition of paintings by Brooklyn-based Japanese Artist Akané Ogura, taking place at Japanese restaurant Gen in Brooklyn through February 27th, 2022.

Who would have thought the covid pandemic would last so long? Unfortunately, many people living in New York City who have family abroad are still having difficulty reuniting with loved ones. Some cultures celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah while others celebrate New Year. In Japanese culture, New Year is the biggest celebration of the year. They celebrate with the tradition of having a New Year’s meal and visiting a local shrine to pray for the health and prosperity of the year.

With the current Japanese border restrictions, 3 days quarantine at the government specified hotels and 14 days quarantine at home, long waiting time at the airport for the testing and processing after 14 hours flight, many people who had planned on traveling to see their family had to postpone their visits once again.

In this exhibition, Ogura exhibits her paintings inspired by her heritage of Japan. She took her sentiment of “Longing for Japan”, and created several new paintings. She also gathered paintings she made in the past, specifically seasonal from New Year to early springtime. She uses the traditional Sumi-e technique and Impressionistic painting method to create the unique series of seasonal plants and nature scenes of Japan and her distinctive portraits of women.

Visit the seasonal exhibition during this unique time and celebrate the new year and early spring with authentic Japanese food and saké at Gen Brooklyn (map).