Studio Ghibi was faced with a tough decision but in the end, they decided to postpone their large-scale exhibition planned for this summer due to the ongoing public health crisis. But they also offered up some good news for all the workers who are now confined to their homes. They made available a series of stills from their films that can be used as video conferencing backgrounds.

The 8 backgrounds are all available on Studio Ghibli’s website for free, and anyone can use them as long as it’s not for commercial purposes. The studio also hinted that more would be released over time.

Many video conferencing platforms including Zoom and Microsoft Teams now allow you to use customized background, largely for the purpose of obscuring or hiding your remote work location, which may or may not be incredibly messy. So whether you’re working remotely or setting up a virtual party, you can now unleash you inner Ghibli with these backgrounds.

“Spirited Away”

“Laputa: Castle in the Sky”

“Princess Mononoke”