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Satoshi Itasaka, the designer behind the ingenious balloon bench, has unveiled his latest project. Sun Rising Lamp is exactly what the name would suggest: a lamp that recreates the optimism of seeing a sunrise. “Every day starts with a sunrise,” says Itasaka. “I believe that if people have this same feeling every day when the sun rises, the world will become a much more peaceful place.”

It’s so easy to get caught up in daily life. Days blend into week, which blend into months and before you know it, time has passed you by. Itasaka believes that a small change in behavior, such as being conscious of a new day and a new you, can make days more fulfilling and, hence, more meaningful.

Itasaka’s new design will be on display at Beams Gallery as part of Itasaka’s exhibition “Place of The Rising Sun” (10.27.2012 – 11.15).

source: mocoloco