Tekio - Anthony Dickens

Inspired by Japanese chochin, Anthony Dickens, an industrial designer based in London, has created a modular lighting series – Tekio. Tekio (適応; pronounced te-ki-ou) means adaptation in Japanese, and this light fixture is flexible enough to adapt to any space by transforming to fit or create a new focal point to any area. The segments connect together to make it short as long as you want, and also makes changing bulbs easy.

Twisted in a knot…

Tekio Spiral/Knot by Anthony Dickensclick to enlarge

Or circular…

Tekio Anthony Dickensclick to enlarge

Tekio by Anthony Dickensclick to enlarge

It is currently a prototype, but is rumored to be available sometime next year. I would be changing configurations and playing around with it all the time. It would be my grown up tinkertoy or stylish Lego.

Source: Design Milk | Anthony Dickens