Tenkei Concrete Bicycle Rack

People who find beauty in Japan’s tetrapod-lined shores will undoubtedly be equally pleased with this concrete bicycle rack (7,300 – 12,600 yen). It was designed by the female duo luft for the Tenkei Project, which launched in 2009.

the double and the single

Tenkei (literally “typical form” ) focuses on product design with an emphasis on the following guidelines:
1)    There is no such thing as Tenkei (typical). It is a function of the culture of which it dwells.
2)    Tenkei is: easy to use and easy to produce. A prerequisite is that there is steady demand for production.
3)    Tenkei can take on different variations, effectively expanding its life span.

The contrast between the metallic spokes and the minimal concrete just makes my design heart spin.

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