Japanese student and bicycle enthusiast Hiroto has merged traditional Japanese craftwork with bicycle-making to create what he calls a wa-modern bicycle. Borrowing both the technique and naming of Japan’s traditional wooden latticework, Hiroto is calling his piece “Kitsure.”

As a student studying bicycle design, Hiroto built his bicycle from scratch and it’s part of his graduating senior thesis exhibition. A detachable wooden window frame serves as a visual anchor, whose geometric form remains consistent throughout the entire bike. A lush, metallic frame, reminiscent of lacquerware, balances the wood nicely.

Hiroto is a student at the Tokyo College of Cycle Design, the first bicycle design school in all of Asia. The school offers 2 and 3-year programs that teach everything from basic product design and frame building to maintenance techniques with the objective of inspiring a new generation of “Bicycle Creators.”

This year’s senior thesis exhibition will be held at Spiral in Tokyo from March 1 – 3, 2020. Hiroto’s bicycle, as well as a large collection of other creative bicycles, will be on display.

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