the best ____ of 2008

I’m troubled. This could very well be my last post of 2008. So I thought I would make it special. And yet I lack the creativity and energy to come up with something, anything on my own. Hence the dilemma. Every year people do roundups of the best ____ of that year. So this is what I’ll do; a roundup of all the roundups! Art & Design related, that is. So here we go. For all the people who slept through 2008 and need to fill in the gaps, just between you and me, let’s just pretend this is all that happened. May 2009 be an adventurous year for all!

Best Balloon Art of 2008

Best Fashion Show Invitations of 2008

Best Science Images of 2008

Best Buzzwords of 2008 (beautifully typesetted by
Jessica Hische)

Best in Design & Architecture of 2008

Best Art Shows of 2008

Best (and Worst) Logo Redesigns of 2008


  1. hahah. I love it Great workaround.

  2. hahah. I love it Great workaround.

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