The Most Amazing A Cappella Cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller


If you’re going to listen to 1 a cappella cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, let it be this one.  It was recorded by Kyoto University student Yeo Inhyeok, who uploaded his one-man show to youtube earlier this week.

Using only his voice, Inhyeok, who is also a member of a Japanese a cappella group, recorded each component of Thriller individually, and then layered them on top of each other. The result is a spectacular one-man vocal show.


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  1. This is a great video – I would just like to make it clear though that this is a guy covering a group called “Duwende.” If you’re going to watch a version of this arrangement, check out the original:

    Much more impressive when you realize it’s only 6 people doing that song!

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