Over the weekend the self-proclaimed singer-songwriter-dancer Yasuyuki Okamura launched a new teaser website in conjunction with a new double-album, “Etiquette (purple jacket) and (pink jacket)” that was released last week. The website features the artist performing  a song with seemingly nonsensical lyrics (pen pen pen pen pen pen pen, grass!) as his whole body – coughs, convulsions, mouse taps and all – appear to give birth to a wide range tumultuous yet addicting sounds.

The musician can also be seen writing down his lyrics in, amongst other places, his twitter account. And if you visit said twitter account, lo-and-behold, there are the same lyrics. Fun!

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who noticed the ffffound coffee mug. Well that’s because the website was created by none other than the founder of ffffound, Yugo Nakamura and his interface design firm tha. (read all our stories on Yugo Nakamura)

Other throwbacks you may have sighted in the video include a volume of Le Corbusier : Complete Works, John Maeda’s Maeda @ Media, Oomori Shozo’s Shin Shikaku Shinron and Jeffrey E.F. Friedl’s Mastering Regular Expressions.

Okamura has had a rough couple of years. After being arrested not once, but three times over the past 10 years (he was released last February) for drug possession, he is attempting a comeback. But judging by his latest record sales, fans still adore him. In just 1 week both his albums sold roughly 10,000 copies, catapulting them to the 1st and 2nd place in indie charts for a brief period of time, after settling in the low teens.

source: twitter