The Screen is a small hotel in Kyoto located near the Kyoto Imperial Park. As part of a recent renovation, the hotel enlisted 13 artists and designers to treat each of their 13 rooms as a canvas, transforming them into comfortable yet original works of art. From a room dedicated to the different phases of the moon, to a room inspired by the tatami tea house, no two rooms are alike and each will leave visitors with a different experience.

Room 103: Moon Phases

As the name implies, Room 103, designed by architect Kubo Tsushima, showcases the many phases of the moon and offers and tranquil, meditative stay.

Room 101 by Tetsuei Nakamura

This room was designed by nihonga painter Tetsuei Nakamura, who created a largely Japan-inspired room. The original fusuma paintings will transport you back to edo-period Japan.

Room 102 by Naoki Ishibashi

Working with a rare type of red tatami and soft rush (the material used to make tatami), craftsman Naoki Ishibashi creates a new take on the traditional washitsu.

Room 202: Nowhere Garden

Architect Hideyuki Nakayama created a room based on no particular Kyoto garden but one he imagines will inspire and inform your journey.

Room 302 by Ran Tondabayashi

Visual artist Ran Tondabayashi has created one of the more surreal rooms that transitions between night and day.

Room 402 by Asuka Irie

Artist and printmaker Asuka Irie created what she calls a Japanese modern room that transcends time. Colorful furniture and original paintings create a interesting balance that is akin to sleeping in an art gallery.