the Tokyo version of Scotland Yard | click images to enlarge

Scotland Yard, the sleuthy board game in which you and your teammates must apprehend Mister X as he conceals himself in the city of London, was one of my favorites growing up as a kid. In fact, my kids are getting the game for Christmas this year (Shhh). By definition, I always assumed the game could not take place in any other city. I was wrong.

Japanese board game maker Sugorokuya has created a Tokyo version featuring a detailed map of Tokyo with landmarks like Tokyo Tower, the imperial palace and Kasai Rinkai Park. It’s the perfect combination of my favorite city and my favorite board game!

Sugorokuya has a shop in Koenji (coincidentally, my neighborhood where I grew up in Tokyo) where they sell the board game, as well as many other games. They also have an online shop where the Tokyo version retails for 4860 yen (about $41). (H/T @808Towns )

On a related note, did you know there’s a version of Monopoly that celebrates Japanese arts and crafts?