Photos by Toshiyuki Yano | click to enlarge

Kimihiko Okada has recently put the finishing touches on Toda House, a private residence in Hiroshima that resembles a continuous swirling coil pot. The structure is perched above ground like a bird’s nest, giving birth to some breathtaking views of the Inland Sea, creating a sense of security and also distancing the home from common ground-level disturbances. The home itself is comprised a a single continuous slab that spirals around once, is penetrated by a staircase, then spirals around again on elevated level, creating one long room. Not only does it create a dynamic space, but it also produces a lawn as well as leaves opportunities for further expanding the slab in the future.

I love the eclectic styling of the interior as well! It’s so rare to see something other than minimal concrete. Nice!

source: architecturephoto