For 35 years, since he was in grade school, the sculptor Tomohiro Yasui has been making paper robots. He’s travelled around Japan conducting workshops and exhibitions and the number of robots he’s built exceeds 600. But he’s also branched out to other categories, creating figurines, costumes and even wrestler masks. But recently he’s been targeting his creative energy at the cheap toys and snacks sold at 100-yen shops around Japan. Working with these materials, Yasui fashions superhero-like figurines with movable parts that are animated and lifelike enough that they transport us back to childhood.

a superhero made from 20 gag glasses

Each character is made from meticulously cut pieces of plastic, originally from multiple cheap toys or snacks. Yasui’s impeccable craftsmanship renders each figurine with perfectly shaped limbs and muscles, while leaving clear traces of their original form.

You can see more of Yasui’s work on his website, or follow him on Twitter where he posts recent work.

a superhero made from 6 jumping frog toys

a superhero made from 6 bathtub duckies

a robot made from 20 ramune candy canisters

a slithery superhero made from 6 toy wiggle snakes