photos by Tomooki Kengaki courtesy Keiji Ashizawa Architects

Trunk Hotel Yoyogi Park is a new boutique hotel located in Tokyo’s quiet Tomigaya neighborhood that just opened this month. Designed by architect Keiji Ashizawa, the 7-story hotel has 25 rooms, a restaurant and a rooftop lounge & pool that overlooks the lush Yoyogi Park.


The distinctive appearance of the washed-out concrete exterior blends in with the neighborhood and park, creating a sense of belonging

Plans for the hotel began in 2019, shortly after the opening of the group’s renovated minka in Kagurazaka and two years after the opening of their original location in Shibuya. Architect Keiji Ashizawa was brought on to oversee the architecture of the hotel, as well as the interior design, in a way that would blend together with the stylish and relaxed charm offered by the surrounding neighborhood.

“The concept of the hotel is ‘Urban Recharge,’ ” explained the architect, a space where guests can find both solace and stimulus while being in the heart of Tokyo. To achieve this from a design perspective, Ashizawa and his team proposed a unique facade that incorporates balconies with distinctive handrails and vegetation which visually connect the park to the hotel. The concept extends to the roof of the building where an infinity pool frames a beautiful view of Yoyogi Park.

The balconies create a distinctive architectural facade, visually connecting the hotel to the park and the city

the rooftop infinity pool frames Yoyogi Park

For the design of the interior and accompanying objects, Keiji Ashizawa collaborated with Norm Architects, who also have extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Together, they worked with local furniture makers Karimoku and Ariake to create custom furniture for the rooms, balconies, restaurant and pool. “We aimed to create a sense of harmony throughout the space by designing not only the furniture but also all detailed elements, such as the handles and other small parts that make up the interior.”

You can browse rooms and rates on their website and reservation portal.

custom furniture by Karimoku, Ariake and Hotta Carpet

ground floor restaurant Pizzerie e Trattoria L’Ombelico is an Italian restaurant inspired by the neighboring streets that opens up to the city