Wrapped in a cool monotone facade and balanced out by natural touches of wood is a new boutique hotel that recently emerged in the heart of Tokyo’s Shibuya district. For those looking to take in the local culture of Shibuya, TRUNK (HOTEL) is the ideal location: slightly removed from the raucousness of Shibuya Station but well encompassed by everything the neighborhood has to offer.

TRUNK (HOTEL) opened in May of this year and takes after designer hotels like the Ace Hotel of New York. With 4 floors and just 15 rooms, the hotel is geared towards travelers looking for more than just a room and a bed. The single rooms (priced at around 32,000 yen or $300 usd per night) are fairly basic but take on the feel of a small design studio. A slightly upgraded room will include a balcony or loft. On the higher end is the living suite (around 111, 000 yen or $1000 usd) and a single terrace suite (around 689,000 yen or $6000).

The hotel does all it can to connect guests to local culture. Room snacks like dried fruit and coffee are sourced from local shops Shibuya Nishimura and DoubleTallCafe. Sandwiches sold in the lobby are from the well-known local specialty shop Potasta. Hotel food can be notoriously overpriced but if you’re thinking to grab a bite or drink at TRUNK you’ll certainly notice that this isn’t the case. The bar and kushiyaki restaurant in particular have been intentionally priced to invite locals as well as hotel guests, creating a type of socializing not found in other hotels.

a standard room

the living suite

the dining suite

the terrace suite