Trunk House: a Rentable Townhouse in Kagurazaka

Down a secluded backstreet in Tokyo’s Kagurazaka neighborhood, a one-of-a-kind rentable townhouse opened for business last month. Trunk House, operated by the Trunk Hotel that opened 2 years ago, is inspired by everything that Tokyo stands for: the new and the old, the Japanese and the foreign, and the city’s ability to host discreet gathering in its maze of back alleys and side-streets.

guests enter into a stone genkan entrance

The 70-year old house, which was formerly a restaurant and geisha practice room, was renovated by the in-house design team at Trunk Hotel, along with local design firm Tripster. Think of it as a micro-hotel: the 2-story space comes with an open kitchen, dining room private garden and disco room on the ground level. On the 2nd floor is bedroom, bath and tea ceremony room.

That might seem like a lot to manage, which is why the townhouse comes with a private chef and private attendant, who among other skills is steeped in the art of the tea ceremony.

The house doesn’t come cheap though. For 2 people it’s a whopping 500,000 yen / night (about $4500). That comes with the chef and attendant, as well as breakfast. Reservations can be made online.

brass lights by Nara-based New Light Pottery are suspended above marble kitchen counters and a long, solid oak dining table
metal-framed leather sofas by Stephen Kenn and an angular Jean Prouvé Potence wall lamp decorate the living room
one of the most special rooms in this house is the bathroom: a hinoki cypress wood tub sits against a tiled background featuring a shunga painting contemporary ukiyo-e artist Masumi Ishikawa
the minimal bedroom is unadorned with a simple low white bed
in a quirky twist, the home includes Japan’s smallest disco, complete with glitter ball, karaoke, neon signage and an illuminated floor
a tatami mat tearoom with leather cushions, paper artwork by Chiaki Hirano, a George Nelson Cigar Lotus floor lamp and contemporary tea utensils by artist Tom Sachs.


  1. looks really cool and tasteful but the price is outrageous

  2. rented by the shameful rich, move along

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