Established in 1940, Nishiri is a Kyoto-based company carrying on a local legacy of pickled and fermented vegetables. But 2 years ago, when they decided they needed a rebrand, they turned to design agency Nosigner, who helped them modernize their “Hakko Seikatsu” (meaning fermentation lifestyle) brand of sauces, soups and dressing.

Using the strong visuals of vegetable illustrations, the design team carefully considered how the products would be placed on shelves. The gift box was designed to represent air bubbles — a critical process in fermentation — where holes were placed at random on the box to expose the packaging design. The team then strategically designed the kanji logo to be read and recognized instantly. Here too, bubbles surround the logo to show show the fermentation process.

If you live in Japan, Nishiri’s products can be ordered online. They also have several shops in Kyoto (the most accessible is perhaps the one in Kyoto Station) as well as a shop in Tokyo and Osaka. All their locations are listed here.