Wall Animal-Escape by Yuko Hara

We have a very active 2-year old and 4-year old and – in a sentiment much akin to that mirrored in Toy Story – we sometimes feel bad for the toys that are subject to their hyperactive energy.  This is sort of how Yuko Hara, the self-proclaimed stuffed animal artist, was inspired to create her Wall Animal-Escape series. The series of 3, an elephant, a rabbit and a deer, depict each animal in a desperate attempt to escape, with just their cute, vulnerable little butt exposed.

I love how, even for me, it raised so many questions, like: “are they stuck?” and “what’s on the other side?” But maybe I just like looking at animal butts.

The pieces are all hand made by the artist and prices range between 12,600 (for the rabbit) and 26,250 (for the elephant). They are available from goodevening, a store that collaborates with artist to create unique children’s toys.

source: goodevening

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