The global pandemic has forced many workers to adapt to a new working environment. Namely, WFH, short for Work From Home. With many of us now conducting practically all of our meetings and interactions through video conferencing, which exposes less than half of our body, the old joke of dressing up on the top and dressing down on the bottom is becoming an acceptable reality. In fact, there’s no reason why half business, half relaxation can’t be the new uniform for remote workers.

Japanese creative agency Whatever is the mastermind behind WFH Jammies, an outfit that looks formal on video, but is loose & comfy outside the frame.

The collection, which comes in 3 styles, was designed in collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Akihiko Kimura. They styles are available for purchase through Kickstarter and range from 9000 yen ($85) for the top only, to 12,000 yen ($113) for the top and bottom.

the outfits come in 3 styles

The garments are made in Japan and will ship from Japan so international buyers should be aware that the country currently has a shipping suspension for over 100 countries. However, hopefully the suspension will be lifted by June, which is when the pieces are expected to ship.

White Shirt x Grey Jersey

Blue Stripe Shirt x Dark Grey Jersey

Pink Shirt x Black Jersey