Zappallas Corporate Headquarters by Suppose Design Office

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Makoto Tanijiri and his design firm Suppose Design Office have created a new office space in Shibuya for Zappallas, a provider of mobile content like horoscopes, games and e-commerce solutions. The company has been on a steep incline of expansion ever since it was founded – miraculously – at the height of the dot-com bubble in March 2000. After expanding, and then expanding again, the company finally outgrew its digs in Ebisu and decided to find a new space for their close-to-200 employees.


In order to foster a creative and inspiring workspace, the company merged their previous open, park-like layout and applied a DIY theme that manifests itself things like furniture and lighting. Plenty of exposed plywood (bookshelves, coatracks, lighting) and makeshift tables help break the mold of the typical Japanese office space.



A porch-like space encourages engagement and freedom. Sometimes people pitch tents here and work inside when they need to concentrate. There’s even a “Mother’s Working Room” where moms can bring their kids to the office and work without disturbing coworkers.



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  1. loving the simple assembly in the furniture, it’s that detail that gives personality to the space.

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