all renderings courtesy Shigeru Ban Architects

A lush site on Japan’s Awaji Island will soon welcome a new Zen wellness center designed by architect Shigeru Ban. On April 29, 2022, Zenbo Seinei will begin welcoming guests for a soul-nourishing retreat that includes meditation, food and rest, all under the roof of a narrow, elongated wooden structure.

Perched on a ridge, the new structure is defined by an ultra-narrow frame (7.2 m wide and 90 m long) that offers 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. “Half of the building is suspended by two steel column bases,” explains architect Shigeru Ban, “with wooden vierendeel on the first floor allowing 21m span and the whole second floor will be zazen studio.”

The site is also located along the meridian 135° east line, significant because, in 1888, it became the standard meridian for all of Japan, allowing precise times to be fixed.

Zenbo Seinei will offer zen meditation, yoga, tofu-based meals, an outdoor hot spring, as well as rooms where guests can stay over. If you’re traveling through the Seto Inland Sea, consider checking it out! You can keep up to date with them on Instagram.