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Yokai Sushi and Other Imaginative Illustrations of Demons

These yokai sushi look they’re about to jump off your plate. A Japanese illustrator who goes by the pen-name Hanabiyori Tatami imagined these ghoulish creations, bringing various different types of sushi to life by imbuing them with yokai, a class of supernatural demons found in Japanese folklore.

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MUJI’s Yurakucho Global Flagship Looks Like a Slice of Retail Heaven

the re-opened location includes a vegetable/fruit market, the first of its kind for MUJI

MUJI, our favorite Japanese minimal lifestyle retailer, re-opened their global flagship store in Yurakucho, Tokyo today (July 28th) and it’s taking our breath away. If there were such a thing as retail heaven, it would probably look something like this.

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Porcelain Cup & Bottle Sets Inspired by Kokeshi Dolls

The 400-year old Japanese art of creating kokeshi dolls is a time-honored tradition that exemplifies the joy and beauty of handmade craft. These traditional wooden figurines, with an enlarged head and cylindrical body, are made from woodturning solid blocks and carving away at the wood.

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Photographs of Fireflies at Night by Hiroki Ishikura

click images to enlarge

Summer and fireflies go hand-in-hand in Japan. And during the short period of May through June, a select group of photographers venture out at dusk to secretive spots, hoping to capture the magical insects that light up the night. One of those is Hiroki Ishikura, a photographer based in Shimane Prefecture.

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New Imaginary Magazine Covers for the Tokyoiter

a stunning animated cover by waneella

The Tokyoiter (previously) continues to impress us with dazzling faux-magazine covers that showcase numerous visions of what makes Tokyo such a fascinating place. Checking their website for new covers has become one of our most enjoyable pastimes. Allow us to present several new ones from some of our favorite Japan-based illustrators.

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The New Good Design Store in Tokyo

Japan’s Good Design Awards have defined the aforementioned subject as “design which enriches life and society.” And the organization has been highlighting good design for almost 60 years since it was founded in 1957, resulting in an astounding 44,000 recognitions. Now – or rather, finally – the Good Design Awards have a physical location in Tokyo where visitors can see some of the nominees, together in a beautiful space.

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TRUNK: Tokyo’s Newest Boutique Hotel

Wrapped in a cool monotone facade and balanced out by natural touches of wood is a new boutique hotel that recently emerged in the heart of Tokyo’s Shibuya district. For those looking to take in the local culture of Shibuya, TRUNK (HOTEL) is the ideal location: slightly removed from the raucousness of Shibuya Station but well encompassed by everything the neighborhood has to offer.

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Imaginative Flower Vases Showcase the Beauty of Metal

In postwar Japan, numerous metal processing companies sprouted up in the port town of Yokohama. Their metal pipes, sheets, precision parts and torque hinges were the invisible backbones of industrial Japan, quietly but robustly supporting all types of industry. But metal isn’t only limited to industrial use. Its various properties, if harnessed properly, can be applied to all kinds of home and personal products. And to promote this idea, a consortium of metal companies in Yokohama teamed up to form Yokohama Makers Village.

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Playing Cards Illustrate What It’s Like to be Arrested in Japan

Getting arrested is a scary experience in every country, but perhaps even more so in Japan, where the conviction rate is over 99%. Last month, the Japanese government passed a new anti-terror conspiracy law that has drawn controversy among Japanese citizens who feel it is a threat to civil liberties and privacy. Artist Megumi Igarashi (pen name Rokudenashiko), famously arrested in 2014 on charges of obscenity for distributing 3D data of her genitals, is creating a set of playing cards that educate people about what it’s like to be arrested in Japan.

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Joint Chopsticks Inspired by Japanese Joinery Techniques

Product designer Yuma Kano and Japanese carpenter Katsuhisa Toda collaborated to create a series of chopsticks inspired by traditional wood joinery techniques.

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