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Uniholic: A New Tokyo Restaurant that Specializes in Sea Urchin

Sea urchin, or uni, is a delicacy in Japan. But it’s also an acquired taste. For uni lovers like ourselves, you’re probably accustomed to having it served on rice as sushi, or as sashimi. Maybe the occasional uni pasta. But now a new Tokyo restaurant, aptly named Uniholic, wants to open up the doors to a whole new world of uni-possibilities.

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89-Year Old Kimiko Nishimoto Loves Taking Humorous Self-Portraits

At the age of 72, Kimiko Nishimoto decided to do something she had never done before. She decided to take a beginners course in photography that was taught by her eldest son. Nishimoto immediately fell in love with the medium and began taking humorous, comical and sometimes surreal self-portraits.

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Spoon & Tamago’s 10-Year Anniversary

Last week we were in Tokyo to celebrate a very special milestone: 10 years of writing about Japanese art, design and culture on Spoon & Tamago. Although we prefer to remain behind the curtains and let the artists we feature shine, we couldn’t help but resist a very special offer and meaningful recognition from Stephen Globus and the Globus Family, who hosted a dinner in Tokyo with 100 of our favorite artists and designers. It was followed by an after-party featuring a private performance by Japanese band KAO:S. Honestly, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate.

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Doraemon and Fine Art Collide in New Tokyo Exhibition

the exhibition opens with a large-scale painting by Takashi Murakami | all photos by spoon & tamago (taken with iphone 6)

Ninety five years from today Doraemon, the amazing cat robot, will be born. At least that’s according to Fujiko Fujio’s imaginative comic. Doraemon and his magical fourth-dimensional pocket, which produces fantastical gadgets from the future, have tickled the minds of children (including myself) since the 1970s to today.

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Issui Enomoto Captures Double Exposure Photographs of Yokohama From His Taxi

Issui Enomoto is a taxi cab driver in Japan’s port city of Yokohama. But he’s also a photographer. And for Enomoto, these two go hand-in-hand, just like the relationship between a taxi and passenger.

Enomoto keeps his camera next to him at all times, snapping nighttime-scenes of streets, as well as passengers. But only with permission, and only if it’s safe.

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The Handbook of Japanese Beans

Did you know that Japan has almost 200 different varieties of beans? Food writer Kiyomi Hasegawa traversed all of Japan to bring you this wonderfully laid out typology of Japanese beans.

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Reimagining the Design Event at Tokyo’s ‘Designart’

Conveniently coinciding with Tokyo Fashion Week is Tokyo’s newest event celebrating contemporary art and design, aptly named ‘Designart.’ After its predecessor Tokyo Design Week permanently closed following the death of a five-year old at an exhibit in 2016, Designart’s creators sought to fill the void in Tokyo’s modern art and design scene. The result is a sprawling week-long event spread across multiple Tokyo neighborhoods with over 70 exhibitions covering all aspects of design from fashion to photography to technology.

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Preserving the Art of Traditional Japanese Indigo Dyeing

all photos courtesy BUAISOU

Some things never go out of style; just ask the four artisans behind the group BUAISOU who still use natural centuries-old Japanese indigo dyeing techniques for their creations today. A recent mention in Vogue proves that this “Japan Blue” is still highly fashionable. And judging by the vibrant hues Japanese indigo dye produces, it’s no surprise why.

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Stray Cats Captured in Martial Arts Poses by Hiroyuki Hisakata

Armed with an Olympus digital camera and a bag full of cat toys, Japanese photographer Hiroyuki Hisakata ventures off to an island populated by stray cats to photograph his feline friends. Hisakata’s specialty? Playing with them and capturing them in dynamic martial arts poses that have earned them the nickname Ninja Cats.

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MinimLET: A Portable Toilet Kit Designed for Disaster Preparedness

In the event of a natural disaster, a person’s most basic needs — food, water, shelter, electricity — are often compromised. But one necessity often overlooked is the availability of working toilets. In the wake of recent natural disasters in Japan such as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and the Kumamoto earthquakes of 2016, Tokyo-based design company nendo teamed up with hardware supplier Sugita-Ace to combat this problem by designing a simple, innovative portable toilet kit they’ve dubbed the minimLET.

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