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A Glass Jug That Looks Like Running Water Designed by Jin Kuramoto

Nedre Foss is a Norwegian label for interior products, founded and backed by the design studio Anderssen & Voll, who reached out to Japanese designer Jin Kuramoto to create a household tool the embodies the power of sculpture.

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Wild and Mythical New Bricolage Paintings by Yusuke Asai

“The earth is falling from the sky” (2019). Installation view at Wulong Lanba Art Festival, China

Born in Tokyo in 1981, the artist Yusuke Asai (previously) continues to travel the world, creating wild and unrestrained art with whatever canvas and materials are available to him locally: soil, water, dust, flour, tape, and pens.

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Picturesque Photos of Toyama Prefecture Will Make It Your Next Travel Destination

Who knew that Japan had their very own Swiss Alps?

Just 2.5 hours by train from Tokyo is Toyama Prefecture, one of Japan’s smaller prefectures that borders Ishikawa and Nagano. It may be small but with the Hida Mountains to their back and the Japan Sea to their front, the prefecture boasts an abundunt amount of pictureque beauty, as showcased by local photographer Yasuto Inagaki, who has been sharing photographs of his home on social media.

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Nendo Designs a House in Japan with Stairs Running Through It

Akihiro Ito knew that if he was ever to build his own home he would want Oki Sato, his business partner, to design it for him. The two met in school and have been friends ever since and partners ever since Sato established his design studio Nendo in 1997. As Chief Operating Officer, Ito acts as Sato’s right-hand man, and has been with him as the company grew from a start-up in their family’s garage to 50+ employee company with offices in Tokyo, Milan and Shanghai.

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UKIYO: the Floating Worlds of Illustrator Shinji Tsuchimochi

Shinji Tsuchimochi is a Tokyo-based illustrator who creates unique views of Tokyo and Japan, inspired by ukiyo-e but produced with a modern sense of whimsy and surrealism.

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Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forest by Tadao Ando

Yesterday, in Osaka, a new library opened. Designed specifically for children, the space is filled, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, with outward-facing books. This is Nakanoshima Children’s Book Forrest.

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The Japanese Tradition of Candle-Making is Alive and Well at Daiyo

The relationship between human and flame is one that is older than time, and without it we wouldn’t be who we are today. Indeed, the flame can destroy but it can also be controlled. And when it is, provides irreplaceable nourishment and comfort. For over 100 years, Daiyo has contemplated this relationship, producing a series of handmade Japanese candles, or warousoku, intended to be brought inside the home to supplement our lifestyles.

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Yopparai (Drunk) Figurine Capsule Toys Remind You of Your Bad Decisions

We’ve all seen them. And perhaps we’ve been them? The man or woman who has had a few too many drinks, and is now at that place of no return, where they’re regretting all their bad decisions that led to this. Now, Japanese toy maker Tama-Kyu has come out with a series of capsule figurines portraying different booze-induced meltdowns.

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Yoshihiro Suda’s Intimate, Wood-Carved Flowers

Japanese artist Yoshihiro Suda  creates hyper-realistic sculptures of plants and flowers in the tradition of Japanese woodcarving. Born and raised near the foot of Mt. Fuji, Suda had been immersed in an environment of rich nature, which went on to inspire his work after moving to Tokyo in the 1990s.

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Reconnect With Nature at the Newly Renovated Ryugon in Uonuma

Ryugon is a 50-year old ryokan nestled within the mountains of Minami-Uonuma (Niigata prefecture). Two hours by train from Tokyo, it’s a region known for rice and sake production but also heavy snowfall. A recent renovation, subtractive in nature, set out to strip the pre-existing fortress like elements that, in their bid to keep the snow out, had also disconnected the inn from its habitat.

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