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Akihiro Mizuuchi Teaches Us How To Code Love In HTML

Akihiro Mizuuchi love HTML

Are you a programmer in love? Do you have trouble telling that special person how you feel? If so, Japanese web and graphic designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has created the fun little guide that made me laugh. Coding love in HTML is a simple project that involves telling someone you love them, but in HTML language used to code web pages.

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Scientific Histological Slides For Kids Available in Vending Machines

science-techni-color-histology-slides (8)

photo by twitter user @nerina_ro

Gachapon toy vending machines usually spit out junky toys that you play with for an hour and then forget about. At least that’s how I remember them. But these toys would actually be worth spending money on. Japanese company Nature Technicolor has been making all sorts of vending machines toys that inspire kids to learn including species of frogs, shapes of snowflakes and varieties of mushrooms. But their latest are these histological slides that capture cross sections of microscopic life.

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Visual Effects and Live Action Converge With Nobumichi Asai’s Facial Projection Mapping

nobumichi asai facetracking & projection mapping OMOTE

We all know that visual effects are the stuff of films, enabling harry potter’s transfiguration spells and animating Iron Man’s full-body suit. We’ve come to accept these effects because we separate them from film and live action. But these boundaries are slowly fading. Case in point: Nobumichi Asai, a Japanese digital artist and leader in projection mapping technology, recently created OMOTE, a fascinating video that show what can be done when projection mapping and face tracking technology combine.

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Akihiro Mizuuchi Created LEGO Chocolate Bears for Valentine’s Day

Akihiro Mizuuchi chocolate LEGO bear

photos courtesy Akihiro Mizuuchi | click to enlarge

Japanese illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi decided to do something special for Valentine’s Day this year. He created his own chocolate LEGO bricks and then built chocolate LEGO teddy bears with them. Now that’s love!

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Japan’s Natural Light Shows Photographed by Takehito Miyatake

takehito miyatake fireflies

Genji botaru fireflies around a small bridge over the Shimanto River (Kochi Prefecture) | © Takehito Miyatake click to enlarge

takehito miyatake fireflies

A flight of hime botaru fireflies light up the forest to create a dreamy, fairytale-like spectacle

Japanese photographer Takehito Miyatake’s photos of magical firefly trails, glowing squid and awe-inspiring volcanic eruptions has recently won him Grand Prize at the 2014 Nikkei National Geographic Photo Awards. Miyatake’s long-exposure photography, which can last anywhere from 15 seconds to 30 minutes, captures what he describes as the “light of Japan.”

However, as it turns out, Miyatake’s profound reverence for the power of nature is rooted not in photography but in waka, a classical form of Japanese poetry.

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An Undulating Facade of Metallic Louvers Defines This Tokyo Residence and Store

dear jingumae project by amano design office

Photos by Nacasa & Partners Inc. | click to enlarge

dear jingumae project by amano design office

“The client requested a design that would have a façade expression differentiated from the surrounding buildings,” says Amano Yoshihiro, head architect of Amano Design Office. And they certainly made it happen. Completed in March of this year, the “Dear Jingumae Project” is a renovation of a 25-year old office building.

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Kyoto photographer uncovers the inspiration behind Japan’s most beautiful sweets

wagashi sweets and flower

It takes a true adventurer to investigate the secrets of wagashi sweets, Japan’s most beautiful confectionery. The traditional sweets come in all shapes and sizes, as their creators draw inspiration from unique sights offered by the changing seasons. Walking around his hometown Kyoto and all over Japan, Hajime Nakamura looks for visual connections between the creative confectioneries and the country’s natural sights.

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Biei | one-of-a-kind artisan crafted LED light bulbs

only 1 LED light bulbs molten lava

Only 1 is a relatively new Japanese retailer of LED lighting. They’ve tasked themselves with providing a selection of one-of-a-kind LED light bulbs that you probably won’t find anywhere else. And so far they’re succeeding. One of their most eye-catching collections is Biei (美影, or beautiful shadow), a series of LED light bulbs hand-crafted by artisans.

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Stay in Artist Designed Hotel Rooms at the Park Hotel Tokyo

artist-in-hotel (14)

Ever get the urge to sleep in a museum? Well now you can, sort of. For the past 2 years Park Hotel Tokyo has been sponsoring their Artist in Hotel project, an initiative that invites artists to stay in one of their rooms and transform it into their own artwork. Artists are given complete freedom to paint on walls, sculpt objects and do generally whatever they please during their stay. Guests can then stay in those rooms for an intimate experience with the work. After all, what better way to get to know something than to sleep with it?

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A Sculptural Minimalistic Trash Bin by Shigeichiro Takeuchi

Shigeichiro Takeuchi Swing Bin

Back in 2009 Japanese designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi (previously) came up with an ingenious prototype for a trash can. The simple cylinder-shaped trash bin had a dramatic diagonal opening and a sculptural quality that disguised it’s true purpose. An equally simple lid that swings and tilts without the use of gears, wires or any sort of mechanism earned it the name Swing Bin.

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