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The Kaki Flower Vase Creates the Illusion of a Floating Flower

The Kaki Flower Vase was born from the simple idea of wanting to create a flower vase that could be attached to windows. But how do you create an object for a window without significantly obstructing the view? The result was a translucent sheet and bubble of water that creates the illusion of a levitating bouquet of flowers.

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Tatsuya Tanaka’s Miniature Wonders Coming to Print

For the past 7 years Tatsuya Tanaka has been creating miniature dioramas out of everyday objects one might find around the house. Paired with miniature figurines, his scenes dramatically and humorously come to life.

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MUJI Hotel Coming to Ginza in 2019

the facade of the planned MUJI Hotel in Ginza, opening Spring 2018

MUJI, our favorite minimal lifestyle retailer, announced plans to open Japan’s first MUJI Hotel in Ginza. The Hotel will be housed within a new building being jointly-developed by Mitsui Fudosan and Yomiuri Shimbun and will open in the Spring of 2019.

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Ukiyo-e Inspired Illustrations Capture the Relatable Moments of Modern Everyday Life

That disappointment when you spot a fancy cafe but it turns out to be a beauty salon.

A Japanese illustrator who goes by the pseudonym Yamada Zenjidou, creates these simple yet adorable illustrations that we can’t get enough of. Each are drawn in a style inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints and feature an anachronistic setting: men and women seemingly from an ancient time, engaged in incredibly relatable moments of modern everyday life.


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Playful Stars & Stripes by Mizumaru Kawahara

You may have seen Japanese illustrator Mizumaru Kawahara and his comical-style illustrations on Japanese magazine covers, or illustrated film reviews. He also illustrated the book Young Adult U.S.A. and is a self-proclaimed Star Wars fan. So it was only appropriate that he created this adorable and playful tribute to the U.S.A on the 4th of July.

Happy Independence Day!

Immerse Yourself in Cyberpunk Tokyo with this Visual Project by Cody Ellingham

Sit down in front of a large screen, dim the lights and turn the sound up. Then, dive into DERIVE, a visual project by Tokyo-based art director Cody Ellingham.

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Music Monday: Special Favorite Music

Special Favorite Music is a 7-piece Japanese indie band that blends elements of folk and bluegrass (and sometimes even soul and R&B) to create upbeat pop. If you’ve got a soft spot for big band sound, Special Favorite Music is a great way to kick off Monday.

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Clever Packaging Design For Japanese Maekake Aprons

Maekake are a type of Japanese apron that, for hundreds of years, have been favored by the working men and women of rice shops, sake shops, miso shops and other stores that dot Japan’s many shopping streets. They’re typically made from indigo-dyed cotton canvas and feature a thick belt that wraps all the way around the waist and then tied in the front.

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Photos of Japanese Playground Equipment at Night by Kito Fujio

Daijuuji Park in Aichi (Map)

In 2005 Kito Fujio quit his job as an office worker and became a freelance photographer. And for the last 12 years he’s been exploring various overlooked pockets of Japan like the rooftops of department stores, which typically have games and rides to entertain children while their parents are shopping. More recently, he’s taken notice of the many interesting cement-molded play equipment that dots playgrounds around Japan.

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Keep Cool This Summer With the Komorebi Uchiwa

Komorebi (木漏れ日) is one of those uniquely untranslatable Japanese words. It means “sunlight filtering through the tree leaves” and embodies a poetic appreciation for nature and its changing seasons. Capturing that aesthetic, and embedding it into a beautiful handheld fan (uchiwa), is designer Kotoko Hirata, who created the Komorebi Uchiwa.

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