ZenTokyo: a Teahouse-Inspired Capsule Hotel

Japan’s capsule hotels, aging shelters once relegated to desperate salaryman who had missed their last train, are experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. After the 9h Hotel showed us how design could help breathe new life into what was thought of as outdated, a number of different iterations have cropped up. The latest? A minimal teahouse-inspired capsule hotel.

ZenTokyo, which is set to open this April in Tokyo’s Ningyocho district, fuses the capsule hotel experience with traditional Japanese teahouse architecture, set forth by Sen-no-Rikyu’s 16th century philosophy.  At roughly 6000 yen per night, the sleeping pods are priced roughly in-line with other capsule hotels but visitors will be able to choose from 3 different styles. Public showers, bathrooms, study lounge and a bar in the basement that serves green tea-infused drinks, rounds out the amenities.

the sakura room is 1 of 3 room types available
the standard Aoi room
the basement bar keeps with the minimalist feel of the hotel
ZenTokyo is located along a quaint side-street in Tokyo’s Ningyocho district

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  1. The sakura room looks like heaven after a long day of taking in the oversaturated excitement of a crowded Tokyo. Book it, Danno!

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