Symbiosis is the theme of Daigo Daikoku’s debut U.S. installation, which features real flowers, light, and augmented reality that blends the physical and digital worlds. Titled “Art of the Bloom,” the exhibition is currently on display at Edison Theater in Long Beach, California.

Daigo Daikoku and his Daikoku Design Institute (previously) recently relocated their operations from Tokyo to LA. He talks about that move in an interview here. But for their first U.S. showing, the design firm presents “The Art of the Bloom.”

“Throughout history, people have seen flowers as vessels to project all kinds of meanings and messages,” explains the designer. “At our happiest and saddest, at our birth and death, flowers have always been by our side.” Interpreting the way humans and flowers interact with each other, Daikoku presents a meditative space that is at once both interactive and meditative.

The Art of the Bloom is on view through September 29, 2019 at Edison Theater in Long Beach, California. General admission is $24.